What is Your Application?

Laboratory - General Use Most sample types
Field or Plant - Rugged, General Use Where a durable electrode is desired
Biological and Pharmaceutical TRIS buffer, proteins, enzymes, sulfides
Education/Student Use Where a durable electrode is desired
High Precision and Stability with Fast Response to Temperature Changes Thermo Scientific Orion ROSS electrodes have the high precision, rapid response, and superior stability you require over a wide range of temperatures
Titration Where fast and stable response is desired
Soils, Viscous Liquids or Emulsions Soil slurries, suspended solids, sludges, foods, cosmetics, oils, glue, latex paint
Semi-solid Samples Fruit, meat, cheese
Waters Aqueous samples including pure, ultrapure, potable, wastewater, surface water, etc.
Non-aqueous Samples - Solvents, Alcohols Where the electrode is resistant to chemical damage and double junction design allows for matching fill solution to sample, if desired
Special Requirements Specialized electrodes for your requirements